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WCCP Questions / Issues

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Hi all, hope everyone is well !!

I've got a WCCP related scenario and am looking for some inputs.

I have WCCP configured on a Cisco 3945 router to redirect traffic destine for some remote sites to a Silver Peak appliance. From the application level traffic seems to be flowing as it should and all seems to be working normally. But when I do a tracert from my desktop PC to a remote site I am not seeing the traffic getting redirected. Based on the hop counts I can see traffic hits the LAN interface G0/0 which where WCCP is enable but for some reason it's getting redirected. Am I missing something in the ACL ?


Thanks all in advance !!!



ip wccp 51 redirect-list Silver_Peak
ip wccp 52 redirect-list Silver_Peak


ip access-list extended Silver_Peak
 permit ip any
 permit ip any


interface GigabitEthernet0/0
 ip wccp 51 redirect in
 ip wccp 52 redirect in

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vivek srivastava
Rising star
Rising star
have you checked if wccp server (remote appliance) is showing UP in your router - show wccp
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