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What problem with my SPA-2XCT3/DS0 ?

HI,  everyboady,I have a SPA  inserted into a SIP-200,the output from console are shown as belows:

SLOT 2: *May  9 04:01:07.659: %SPA_OIR-6-INSCARD: Card inserted in Subslot 0
*May  9 04:01:17.663: %SPA_OIR-3-HW_INIT_TIMEOUT: subslot 2/0
*May  9 04:01:17.675: %SPA_OIR-3-RECOVERY_RELOAD: subslot 2/0: Attempting recovery by reloading SPA
*May  9 04:01:32.891: %SPA_OIR-3-HW_INIT_TIMEOUT: subslot 2/0
*May  9 04:01:32.903: %SPA_OIR-3-RECOVERY_RELOAD: subslot 2/0: Attempting recovery by reloading SPA

I have search from and I found it may be a PPD update problem,so I try to update the FPD image.

Router#sh hw-module subslot all
*May  9 04:02:03.335: %SPA_OIR-3-HW_INIT_TIMEOUT: subslot 2/0
*May  9 04:02:03.347: %SPA_OIR-3-RECOVERY_RELOAD: subslot 2/0: Attempting recovery by reloading SPAfpd

==== ====================== ====== =============================================
                             H/W   Field Programmable   Current   Min. Required
Slot Card Type               Ver.  Device: "ID-Name"    Version      Version
==== ====================== ====== ================== =========== ==============
2/0 SPA-2XCT3/DS<DISABLED>  1.2   ????????????           ?.?         ?.?
==== ====================== ====== =============================================

Router#upgrade  hw-module subslot 2/0 fpd file sip2-disk0:sip2-disk0:c7600-fpd-pkg.122-33.SRB6.pkg

Router#$bslot 2/0 fpd file sip2-disk0:c7600-fpd-pkg.122-33.SRB6.pkg  force

% Cannot get FPD version information from SPA-4XCT3/DS0 in subslot 2/0.

  No manual upgrade operation can be performed for the target card at this
  moment. Try to repeat the operation sometime later.
  If the problem persists and the target card is still not in operational
  state, then open a case with the Technical Assistance Center via the
  Internet at,
  or contact your Cisco technical support representative and provide the
  representative with the information that you have gathered.
  Attach the following information to your case in non-zipped, plain-text
  (.txt) format:
     - The console output exactly as it appears after the failure.
     - Output of the "show hw-module all fpd", "show logging" and
       "show tech-support" commands.

But they provide me information that I cannot update them,

What problems with my SPA ? Anybody can help me ?


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Re: What problem with my SPA-2XCT3/DS0 ?

I believe that you have some IOS version with  122-33.SRB6...Am I right?


Cisco IOS Release 12.2(33)SRC introduce support for Cisco Channelized T3 to DS0 Shared Port Adapter  (SPA-2XCT3/DS0, SPA-4XCT3/DS0)

Shortly I believe that your IOS is not supporting your card and maybe you should try and upgrade.

Please let me know if this helps!

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