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Wirless Range model no. AIR-LAP1142N-N-K9



what is the range of coverage for a wireless model no. AIR-LAP1142N-N-K9.


Please let me know.




Shahid khan

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what is the range of coverage

what is the range of coverage for a wireless model no. AIR-LAP1142N-N-K9.

This question is like asking someone "how far can a car go in a single tank of fuel".  


There are so many factors which affect the distance covered by a wireless access point.   But with very limited information provided, let me put some hypothetical speculation to the premise ... 


If one was to be on the Moon or in a middle of a large flat expanse, like a desert, with no other living soul around, a single wireless access point (with no configuration whatsoever) can cover 40 metres in a single direction.


Re: what is the range of coverage

Not really.. I myself would like to know the WiFi range of the access point?  The deciding factor could be as simple as out in the open air, does a AIR-LAP1142N have as much or more range than a Meraki MR53.

Assuming both are out in the open air with no obstructions, what is the range of each? this is a simple test with no other factors to consider.  So when someone ask what is the range of a Access Point, give them the answer assuming open air. that is only way to have fair comparison.


Re: what is the range of coverage

you'd not get an answer for this one here for many reasons..
If you'd like the transmission power I suggest you look at the data sheet for each product.they are usually in watt.As far as the signals concerned,they'd travel infinite distance. Could that be readable by a receiver and send a valid response that's another matter.even the open outdoor is subject to certain types of frictions and interference. If you are comparing AP vendors,models etc..its not really worth comparing as that AP goes further than the other in general.That is because if an AP send a single out for a receiver they should be able to hear back as well. most of the receivers are limited with their transmit power and most of the time incapable compared to the APs.
sorry.unlike standard Ethernet there's no easy answer for this

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