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WS-SVC-AGM-1-K9 Password Recovery

Rick Thomas

Is there a password recovery procedure for the Cisco

WS-SVC-AGM-1-K9 Anomaly Guard Module?

We inherited one of these modules and want to get it up and running

in our lab but the root MP, root AP, tac-cli and admin password are unknown to us.

The default "rhadmin" has been changed.  Just wondering if there is a password recovery process for these modules?


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Haihua Rong

Hello Cory,

Please try the following steps:

Step 1 Reset the Guard module to the MP by entering the following command on the supervisor engine:

hw-module module slot_number reset cf:1

The slot_number argument is the number of the slot in which the module is inserted into the chassis.

Step 2 After the Guard module is back online, establish a session with the Guard module, and log in to the root account.
    Username : root
    password : cisco

Step 3 Erase all passwords that are configured on the Guard module by entering the following command:
clear ap password

Step 4 Reset the Guard module to the AP by entering the following command:
hw-module module slot_number reset cf:4


Thank you Haihua - we will give this a shot.  My fear is that that the root password has been changed as well.  Does issuing the hw-module module slot_number reset cf:1 command from the Supervisor engine reset the Guard module root password to "cisco"?

Hello Cory,

Correct, the process to recover the tac-cli password.


Haihua - this process still does not seem to reset the root password.  After performing the "clear ap password" and reset sequence, the root password is still not defaulted.  Any other ideas or suggestions?  Thank you in advance!

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