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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



Hey Everybody, Corey here with another issue of our newsletter. Where you can keep up with the latest from our community and support teams.


We’ve launched a new series of Wireless devices. We’re very excited to be delivering a comprehensive slate of content fitting for any experience level. Further, we’re announcing  new features that live in our documentation content. This suite of documentation is beginner friendly and helps you get the best from your gear.


   Important Dates:

      5/14 Launch - Cisco Business Wireless

      5/28 - Customer Connection Briefing (info below)

      6/2 - 6/3 - Cisco Live (Virtual Event)




Router Firmware News

Software Update - Cisco RV340, RV340W, RV345, and RV345P
Release Version:
(Read More)

Cisco Live Goes Virtual

6/2 & 6/3 tune in with us around the world
(Read More)




cbw-APs-card.png cbw-extenders-card.png
cbw-faq-card.png cbw-top3-card.png







As a team we're really excited to be launching the Cisco Business Wireless product line. To that end, we've developed a few new features that will hopefully improve your experience with our support documents.


cbw-docs-content-toggle-card.png cbw-docs-beginner-card.png cbw-docs-tags-card.png


We’re highlighting some of our favorite documents. If we don’t have your use case covered here or via web search, let us know -

New to Wireless? Beginner Articles

cbw-docs-intro-mesh.png cbw-docs-day-zero.png
cbw-docs-add-extender.png cbw-docs-WLAN.png

Get the best from your gear 

cbw-docs-app-profiling.png cbw-docs-radius.png
cbw-docs-client-profiling.png cbw-docs-port-config.png


our pick - videos.png

We are hard at work producing a slate of videos for the new CBW products. Check back soon for these videos. For now we have some introductory videos to get us started!

newsletter-vid-overview.png newsletter-vid-benefits-mesh.png



We're closing out this issue with a conversation starter, let us know how you prefer to manage your devices? Via app or via the web browser?The web is standard for a reason, but convenience on the go is hard to argue against. Do you prefer using a web interface, or are you interested in managing your WLAN from an app?






Getting Started

Find answers to your questions by entering keywords or phrases in the Search bar above. New here? Use these resources to familiarize yourself with the community: