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Add vBond to vManage

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello all, 


I am trying to add vBond to vManage but I faced some difficulties in this process. Sorry, if my questions are preliminaries:


- Since I need to have two ip addresses one for VPN and one for system-ip, can they be on the same interface?

     I mean If I have one interface can I use IPv4 for system-ip and IPv6 for VPN?


- If not, as much as I try to add a new interface in vBond it dos not detect it. For adding new network adapter should I perform

   any special command?  Moreover, can I access to the root user?




Kind Regards,



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
system-ip is ephemeral address, it's not assigned to any normal interface and you are not configuring it with "ip address" command.
you question is not clear in general. On vBond you need just 2 interfaces - one in VPN 0 and another in VPN 512 for management. If you add interface on hypervisor level and don't see new interface on VM level, just reboot VM and then you'll see it.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Assuming you are using vEdge cloud,  system IP corresponds to Loopback (internal) should be different from the active IP which you assign to transport/control tunnel (vpn 0)  ,  have your VPN 512 for mgmt


now from vManage, add the controller using the mgmt IP  and proceed.


in VM settings , you should be able to add network adapters and map it to corresponding vSwitch / port groups !