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I did download the postman sd-wan collection & tried to do few operations like:- login to vManage (/j_security_check)- Get all Feature Template (/dataservice/template/feature)This is good but then there are no documents available to Construct the bod...

Good afternoon, will like to know if there is a way to send NAT log-translations to a syslog server?currently the issue we are facing with our sdwan design is that we have our CISCO FTD device behind the SD-WAN appliances so our visibility for NAT'te...

mghrivera by Beginner
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This topic is a chance to clarify your questions about the Cisco Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution, its historical roots, the drivers behind SD-WAN adoption, benefits, evolution, and the inner mechanisms that make it attractive to business. In a...

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Hi all. Can anybody tell me for some question about sd-wan (we try full upgrade to sd-wan geographic distrib(many country))1) what case/scenario in sd-wan fabric can use for remote-users VPN (like traditional ssl-vpn with anyconnect) 2) any routers (...

I have been looking into the proper way to set up QoS for IOS XE devices on SDWAN. On the centralized data policy, on of the options is to set a forwarding class. What exactly is this doing? It seems like I can type any jibberish in there and it take...

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Hello All,  I am trying to deploy SD-WAN home made test lab, after installation of CSR from XCA still am not able to bring my fabric up and show control connection is still showing nothing. How can I verify Certificates instllation on all controllers...

DEV1389 by Beginner
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Currently in my SD WAN environment, controllers certificate is expiring in 1 week.What is the procedure or the steps which I need to follow to renew it ? All WAN Edge list certificates are not expiring , but only Controllers which includes vBond, vMa...

RS19 by Participant
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