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Losing SD WAN control connection by changing VPN 0 IP address

DaeHeon Kang


I'm planning to change IP address on the vEdge interface(vpn0) which connects through control connections.

I am wondering if the control connection will be restored by the original configuration in case the vEdge loses the control connection. 

And is there any best way to change IP address on vpn 0 interface having control connections?


Thank you,

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If the vEdge is on vManage mode attached to a configuration template and you push the new IPs via template change and vManage loses connectivity to the vEdge the template will be out of sync, after 5 minutes  the previous configuration should be reverted and the vEdge should be online again.

More info in the following URL.


Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela) vManage How-Tos



DaeHeon Kang

What will be the solution if Rollback doesn't work as expected?

Typically, rollback does work. There is a timer inside which it goes through when you loose control connection (if the template that has been pushed causes it)
One option is get into the device via console and fix the issue and update the template with the same (so the template push works)

For my personal experience this works very well, i have been save by it a few times.

DaeHeon Kang

By help of Rollback function, I couldn't lose the control connection permanently, but


I was struggling until set successfully the new IP address on vpn 0 interface with losing control connections multiple times.


Is there any simple and recommendable way to change the IP address on vpn 0 interface which having control connecing?


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