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Route traffic from SDWAN-enabled site to NON-SDWAN sites

How do we route traffic to a non-sdwan site from an sdwan-enabled site?


Client has not fully migrated to sd-wan on all of its sites. On the the documentation, we are always told to place all transport on VPN0, like Internet or IPVPN MPLS. But how about if not all sites are SDWAN capable. Is there a configuration like a policy that we can route from VPN0 back to VPN1? I know we can do VPN1 to VPN0 route policy but I think that only works for local internet breakout or DIA NAT.


On our deployment, we place our MPLS on VPN1 (Service VPN) so that we can still route to non-sdwan sites. So that left us only to Internet transport BFD tunnel. We also have a default route on VPN1 going to FW.


Route is working fine until we activate OMP routes on BFD tunnels. We advertised local subnets only of each site to OMP and each site receives the route. The problem is the CEdges follow the default route on CEF table. It doesn't choose OMP even if it is more specific route. We also adjusted metric of the default route to 252 and still it chooses default route over OMP.


Is there a correct way to deploy a hybrid setup, SDWAN and NON-SDWAN


note: client's MPLS is on L3 VPN with static default route only.

Cisco Employee

The best way of having routing between SDWAN and non-SDWAN is to create Transit sites (usually Data Centers or Hub sites). So all the traffic from SDWAN branches will flow to those Migration sites, and go to non-SDWAN sites, and vice-versa.

Once migration is over (all sites are SDWAN), traffic will not need to go through those Transit sites.

There are a few documents that can help you, all of them cover what you should consider when migrating from non-SDWAN to SDWAN, including the use of Transit sites.


Cisco SD-WAN Migration Guide:

Cisco SD-WAN End-to-End Deployment Guide:


I hope it helps.