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SDWAN licensing ASR1000X (10G port licenses), TLOC extension


I am building BOM for a customer with a requirement for its datacenter of 1G (2G aggregate) link speed towards the ISP. They want dual box at all their datacenters with single ISP link to each box and taking advantage of TLOC extensions between the boxes.


Considering the TLOC extension diagram attached I am planning on using a single dedicated physical interface for the link towards the ISP and another interface for the LAN. For the TLOC extension I am planning on using the 3rd physical interface and splitting it into 2 sub-interfaces that are required per box for TLOC extension.

1) Is the above described plan a recommended design?

2) Is it possible to use the LAN physical interface for TLOC extensions to effectively apply the required design to only 2 physical interfaces?


I also have additional questions regarding the licensing on ASR1001-X and ASR1001-HX. I've gone through the ordering guide ( and there is no mention weather 10G port licenses are required or not. Both platforms have DNA SKU available and there is a sections to select 10G port licenses. 

3) If a customer requires 2,5G (5G aggregate) speeds to the ISP. Do I need to order 10G port licenses as well?

4) Is the 10G port license or/and DNA bandwith license required for LAN and TLOC extension interfaces?


It seems that 10G licenses are required for all interfaces except WAN facing interface which is the only interface that requires DNA bandwith license which doesn't require 10G port license even when speeds exceed 1G. Is that correct?



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