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vEdge - ISO with cloud-init config?

Can somebody explain how does a vEdge VM(virtual machine) reference the cloudinit configuration file?


I was reading this document:


In section "Create vEdge Cloud VM Instance on the KVM Hypervisor", there are such steps:

10. Create an ISO file to include a cloud-init configuration for the vEdge Cloud router.

11. In the Virtual Machine Manager screen, click Add Hardware to attach the ISO file you created.

But there's no further details how the cloud-init file was used.


My questions are:

1) How does the VM know to read the CD-ROM?

2) At what stage the VM will ready the CD-ROM?

3) What kind naming convention if needed for the could-init cfg file?  e.g. does it have to be vedge.cfg or <uuid>.cfg?

4) If no naming convention is required, how does the Viptela software know which file to read?  Especially when there are more than one file on the CD-ROM?

5) Does Viptela software use the cfg file automatically?  Or do I have to use some commands to get Viptela read the file?


The reason I'm asking is - I put the cloud-init cfg file on ISO image.  I attached the ISO image as CD-ROM to the vEdge VM.  When the VM boots up, I logged into vEdge and view the chassis number with command "show certificate serial".  It shows a random chassis number instead of the one in the cfg file.  Thank you!