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Vmanage Downgrade

Dear Cisco Community , 

i want to downgrade my Vmanage from 19.2.3 to 18.4.5 , initially i was having 18.4.5 version but i upgraded it to 19.2.3 and now when i try to downgrade this to again 18.4.5 my vmanage reboots and again come with 19.2.3 .

can any1 share my docs or process to downgrade would be helpful 


Thanks in advance . 

Cisco Employee

Because, downgrade from one major release to another is not supported. For lab testing, you could have taken the snapshot of the 18.4.x image, take a config-db backup and save it offline THEN upgrade. So, you could revert back, it works but not supported


Thanks @sasig  for reply ,

So in short downgrade is not support for vmanage  , correct me if iam wrong .

i didnt took any snapshot of previous version . 


That is true, there are a lot of things with upgrades in general; Security patches, configDB, Stats/ElasticDB, Yang changes etc..
(page 40)

Thanks for your valuable reply , 

still i have one more issue and its a lab environment so i cant raise tac ticket .

scenerio 1 ;- i had controllers and vedge on 18.4.5 and everything was working fine , i upgraded controllers from 18.4.5 to 19.2.3 now the vedge which already added to controllers are working but i am not able to add any new vedge . 

iam not sure what iam missing .

Thanks in addvance for your reply .