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CSM 4.2 SP1 Performance Monitor with Remote External ASA firewalls

I've been using CSM only for management so far, but I'm interested in using Performance Monitor to monitor Remote Access and Site to Site VPN performance, but seem to be doing somethign wrong :-(

The CSM server is behind an ASA at the main site is on address

The ASA at the main site  has address as its internal address and as its external address

The remote ASA has address as its external address and as its internal address

There is a site to site IPSec tunnel between the main site ASA and the remote site ASA with a cryptomap to include all traffic between the two internal networks

The ASA is configured with "management-access inside"

The ASA is configured with snmp as below

snmp-server host inside community public version 1

snmp-server community public

I then tried to import the device into Performance Monitor using the internal IP address, but the import fails with the below error message

The Device could not be imported because the SNMP request timed out.

1 device failed to be imported. To monitor this device, you must import it again.

Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong would be appreciated

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