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Announcing the Availability of FXOS 2.6(1)

Cisco Employee

Cisco announces the availability of Firepower 4100/9300 FXOS 2.6(1).

New Features in this Release

  • Support for ASA 9.12(1).
  • Support for Radware DefensePro
  • You can now install a mix of different security module types on the same Firepower 9300. Support for this feature requires ASA 9.12(1) or later.

Note: To use clustering with your Firepower 9300, all security modules installed on the chassis must be of the same type.

  • For the FTD bootstrap configuration, you can now set the NAT ID for the FMC in the Firepower Chassis Manager. Previously, you could only set the NAT ID within the FXOS CLI or FTD CLI. Normally, you need both IP addresses (along with a registration key) for both routing purposes and for authentication—the FMC specifies the device IP address, and the device specifies the FMC IP address. However, if you only know one of the IP addresses, which is the minimum requirement for routing purposes, then you must also specify a unique NAT ID on both sides of the connection to establish trust for the initial communication and to look up the correct registration key. The FMC and device use the registration key and NAT ID (instead of IP addresses) to authenticate and authorize for initial registration.
  • New/modified screens:

Logical Devices > Add Device > Settings > Firepower Management Center NAT ID field

  • You can now configure the key used for encrypting sensitive data during configuration export. You must set the encryption key before you can export a configuration. Make sure that the same encryption key is set on the system when importing that configuration.
  • You can now generate and download technical support log files from Firepower Chassis Manager.
  • You now have the option to enable or disable LLDP.
  • You can now use a new Low Touch Provisioning method to perform first time setup over the Management port.

Resolved and Open Bugs  

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