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Be the first! Earn your Security News badge

Cisco Employee

We've launched social rewards on the community!

Be one of the first community members to earn the Security News badge.  Complete these steps, in order, by November 30 to earn your badge.

Important: You must first log into the community, upper right corner of the page, to earn points and badges. If you don't have a Cisco log-in, you can create one from the Login page. After logging in, take these actions in the order listed.

Step 1: Post a Question or Comment in any Cisco Security forum

Ask a question or make a comment by posting a Discussion in this Announcements & Events forum or any of these Security discussion forums. You'll earn 5x points (total of 50) each time you post in the Security community through November 30th.

Step 2: Follow any discussion forum in the Security community

After you post in a discussion forum, go to the forum’s Overview page to follow it. You can follow all discussion forums that interest you. You'll earn 2x points (total of 100) for each Security discussion forum you follow through November 30th. Following a forum keeps you up-to-date on activity in that forum. When you want to join a conversation, either go to the full discussion or post to the forum by simply replying to the email notification.

  • Click the Follow button at the upper right of the Overview page
  • Check the Email Watches box
  • Click Done

Step 3: RSVP “Yes” to a Security Ask the Expert session in November

RSVP to at least one Security Ask the Expert session, then visit the discussion forum on the appropriate date to connect with Cisco experts in near-real time. You'll earn 2x points (total of 50) when you RSVP "Yes" to any Security Ask the Expert session through November 30th.

David Hild

Hi Heather.

I already follow several of the forums here. Does that count?


Hi Heather

I am getting "

Page not found

No URL was found for this address. This could be because of the following reasons:

  • The URL typed is incorrect
  • The URL typed has expired
  • An unexpected error has occurred


on all RSVP links



Cisco Employee

Try now!


It seems to work fine now. Thanks

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