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Cisco 5508X Firepower


So I was trying to configure SNMP for my 5508x Firepower module and I used the wrong ACLs and now I am unable to view my Firepower in my ASDM. I can log into the firepower module via the session sfr command in the CLI. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

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yes you can connect to ASA from there you can connect to SFR module using session :


here is the reference guide :

I went through the reference guide and I am not seeing a way to remove the ACL for SNMP

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i have suggested how you can connect to SFR, Since this your environment you have all control over the config on ASA and SFR, we do not have any visibility.


SFR is IPS only, how you router traffic via IPS, using your ASA - so check what you have changed back and lost connection.

remove that ACL in ASA so your management can be contacted back as expected.





so to fix this I had to go into the expert mode in the firepower. Every time I upgrade my Firepower I lose connectivity and then I have to log into the expert mode in the firepower module via CLI and modify a setting in there.

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