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Robert Sherwin
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

July 19, 2017

Cisco has rolled out a new Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution starting with AsyncOS 11.0 for  on premise Cisco Email Security Appliances (ESA), and Cisco's Cloud Email Security (CES). The Cisco DLP solution replaces the existing RSA DLP solution available on AsyncOS 10.0.x and earlier releases. Cisco's DLP solution allows seamless migration of all the existing DLP policies created in RSA DLP to the new Cisco DLP engine. After the upgrade, you can view or modify the migrated DLP policies from the Mail Policies > DLP Policy Manager page in the ESA's web interface. For more information, see the “Data Loss Prevention” chapter in the User Guide for AsyncOS 11.0 for Cisco Email Security Appliances.

RSA had previously announced the End of Life (EOL) for RSA Data Loss Prevention Suite. The last date of support from RSA for DLP is December 31st, 2017. Beyond December 31st, 2017, Cisco will provide Cisco customers with technical support assistance on ESA for anything relating to RSA DLP solution. However, Cisco will not support feature upgrades or bug fixes with respect to RSA's DLP solution on ESAs running 10.0.x and earlier releases.

Note: There is no support for RSA Enterprise Manager Integration in Async0S 11.0 and later. If you have DLP policies created in RSA Enterprise Manager, you must recreate those policies on your appliance after the upgrade.

In order to continue supportability for DLP on Cisco ESA, customers on AsyncOS 10.0.x or earlier releases are requested to migrate to the AsyncOS 11.0 release at your earliest opportunity.

Please contact TAC for additional information.

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