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Good Afternoon All,

I am looking at replacing our FTD 4110 with a FTD 3110. I have a few questions please?

1) is it possible to export the complete configuration for the 4110 and import it into the FTD 3110? Is there any manual work which is needed first?

2) The 3110 is in my lab and is being managed locally, the plan is to add these firewalls to the same FMC that the current 4110s are being managed, I would like to configure these as much as possible before I add them to FMC, the 3110 will eventually replace the 4110 in the next couple of months. I cannot find a guide on how to migrate FTD to FTD without the use of FMC, any help would be much appreciated. The 4110s are currently in our datacenter and the 3110s are in my office ready to be build once I know the best way of doing this. 

thank you for reading my post. 

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