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Cisco Community November 2020 Spotlight Award Winners

How Did OpenSOC .1 Come to Life?

Cisco Employee

Ever wonder how open source projects come to life?  The process and the partnerships during the evolution are fascinating.

I've been working for the past year with our Security Services engineers on some really interesting projects.  I love being a part of bringing new products and professional services to market.  Security solutions are particularly interesting -- how do you help business and other organizations protect themselves against increasing cybersecurity threats?   Our teams tell me that advanced attackers might leave behind clue-based evidence of their activities, but uncovering them usually involves filtering through mountains of logs and telemetry.  For that, big data analytics have a role.

And that's where the fun begins.  Read this blog by James Sirota, a security big data architect, to see how OpenSOC came to life and to the open source community, integrating numerous elements of the Hadoop ecosystem such as Storm, Kafka and Elasticsearch.

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