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ISE 2.4 Patch 2 Release Now Available

Cisco Employee

ISE 2.4 Patch 2 Release is now available at Cisco Software Download for ISE 2.4. Resolved Caveats in Cisco ISE Release 2.4 - Cumulative Patch 2 has more info.


Update 2018-Aug-03: This Patch Release has been re-posted on 2018-Aug-02. The new bundle file name is



Due to CSCvk57963, it replaces the previous posted bundle which has the filename ise-patchbundle-


When can we know for sure it’s ready? 

Hall of Fame Community Legend

@hslai wrote:

Due to CSCvk57963, this patch is not currently available for download. Please do not apply it, if downloaded.

Thanks for the heads-up.

VIP Advocate
Come on ISE BU, this if the third time in a year where I have seen a patch released and then pulled back down. The focus on software quality has been discussed, where is it?
VIP Advocate

The bug id CSCvk57963 is not visible to customers.  Is anyone at liberty to divulge what this bug is all about?

Hall of Fame Guru

CSCvk57963 was filed as a result of a case I was working with TAC. 


Basically the installation fails on a multi-node deployment. It's further complicated if you initiate from the GUI because "patch remove" from the cli will work but then the system will notice that pending job and re-attempt to install patch 2 and fail.


There is a work around but it's not sustainable. The patch needs to go back to development for revision and additional testing and regression analysis before it's ready for widespread production deployment.

Hall of Fame Community Legend

@Arne Bier wrote:

The bug id CSCvk57963 is not visible to customers.

 It is now visible to the public.


VIP Advisor

ISE, intrinsically suspicious excecution.  thankx for the heads up. 

@Marvin Rhoads  THANKS for the explanation! 

Cisco Employee


Is a patch2+fix for CSCvk57963 expected to be available within the next days ? If not, what is the new ETA for patch2 ?

Many thanks


Hall of Fame Guru

@Istvan Matyasovszki I've been told to expect it in the coming few days.


I'm sure Cisco will want to triple check the quality control on the re-release.

Cisco Employee

Thank you Marvin, let us see if we can also get an official estimate.


Cisco Employee

Hi all,


Is there any information available on the new ETA for ISE 2.4 Patch 2.


Thank you


Hall of Fame Guru

@Istvan Matyasovszki


Friday 3 August is the latest projection. It could be late in the day San Jose time so don't look for it too early.

Cisco Employee

Sounds good,




Hall of Fame Guru

Thanks for the update Hsing-Tsu - I see the new file is posted.


I think I'll wait a week or so to try it again and let some other brave souls go first.

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