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Rising star
Multiple Cisco Security Technologies in a single book : ASA Firepower, WSA, Umbrella, ISE and VPN with 100 percent 100 practical scenarios with 70 Labs to cover important topics of the Cisco SCOR Exam. The best part is ISE with interesting scenarios with radius attribute manipulation to enforce policies and TACACS protocol explained through IOS Commands and debugging, F5 BIG-IP integration to load balance between PSNs...) and Umbrella with useful practical scenarios.


Table of Contents

Cisco ASA Firewall And FirePOWER Services

Lab 1: Auto NAT and Manual NAT
Lab 2: HTTP Inspection 16
Lab 3: FTP Inspection Part-1
Lab 4: FTP Inspection Part-2
Lab 5: TCP normalization
Lab 6: Access-list ACL using network object
Lab 7: Active/Standby Failover
Lab 8: Firewal Transparent mode
Lab 9: ASA FirePOWER module installation

Cisco Firepower Threat Defense

Lab 10: URL Filtering with ASA 5506-X FirePOWER
Lab 1: FTD Basic Configuration
Lab 2: FTD NAT Policy
Lab 3: FTD SSL Decryption for Outbound Connection
Lab 4: Security Intelligence
Lab 5: QoS on Firepower Threat Defense
Lab 6: Advanced Malware Protection AMP
Lab 7: Network Discovery Policy
Lab 8: Intrusion Prevention System IPS Policy Scenario 1
Lab 9: Intrusion Prevention System IPS Policy Scenario 2
Lab 10: Configuration of PBR using FlexConfig on FTD
Lab 11: Firepower Threat Defense Failover Active/Standby
Lab 12: Pre-Filter Policy on Firepower Threat Defense
Lab 13: VPN Site to Site with IKEv2 on Firepower

Cisco Web Security Appliance

Lab 1: Cisco WSA installation License Wizard
Lab 2: Transparent mode with WCCP and Access Policies
Lab 3: Custom URL Category Configuration
Lab 4: Configure Application Visibility Control for the Access Policy
Lab 5: Proxy Authentication using AD Realm
Lab 6: Identification Profile and Access Policies
Lab 7: HTTPS Decryption
Lab 8: Referrer Header Exception
Lab 9: Application Visibility and Control

Cisco Umbrella

Lab 1: Cisco Umbrella Basic Configuration
Lab 2: Intelligent Proxy and SSL Decryption
Lab 3: IP Layer Enforcement in Cisco Umbrella
Lab 4: Umbrella Active Directory Integration With Roaming Client

VPN Technologies

Lab 1: Static VTI Point-To-Point tunnel
Lab 2: Dynamic VTI Hub and Spoke tunnel
Lab 3: VPN Site-to-Site with dynamic IP
Lab 4: DMVPN Phase 2 using EIGRP
Lab 5: DMVPN Phase 2 using OSPF
Lab 6: DMVPN Phase 3 using EIGRP
Lab 7: DMVPN Phase 3 using OSPF
Lab 8: VPN Site-to-Site between ASA using PKI
Lab 9: Site-to-Site FlexVPN IOS router
Lab 10: GRE VPN over IPsec
Lab 11: Site-to-Site IKEv2 IPsec VPN
Lab 12: Basic VPN AnyConnect Remote Access
Lab 13: VPN AnyConnect authentication using ACS
Lab 14: VPN AnyConnect authentication using ISE
Lab 15: Basic VPN Clientless Remote Access
Lab 16: VPN Clientless authentication using ISE

Cisco Identity Services Engine 2.6

Lab 1: Cipher Negotiation TLS Issues
Lab 2: 802.1X With Dynamic VLAN and DACL
Lab 3: Advanced 802.1X Configuration
Lab 4: Guest Access With Self-Registered Portal
Lab 5: Guest Access With Hotspot Portal
Lab 6: Profiling Using DHCP Probe
Lab 7: Device Admin using TACACS From Scratch
Lab 8: Advanced Device Admin TACACS Scenario 2
Lab 9: Cisco ISE Integration with F5 BIG-IP
Lab 10: VPN Anyconnect with ISE and Tunnel-Group-Lock
Lab 11: Authorization Policy Based On Profiling Data
Lab 12: Cisco ISE with F5 BIG-IP for Dot1x Load Balancing
Lab 13: Cisco ISE with F5 BIG-IP for Guest Load Balancing

Cisco Layer 2 Security

Lab 1: DHCP Snooping IP source guard and ARP inspection
Lab 2: DHCP Snooping and ARP Inspection Part-1
Lab 3: DHCP Snooping and ARP Inspection Part-2
Lab 4: IP source guard
Lab 5: ARP Inspection using ARP ACL and "static" keyword
Lab 6: Private VLANs PVLANs
Lab 7: BPDU Loop Guard
Bonus: Comprehensive Security Lab 






So this Book has step by step steps like as workbook based book  ?

Rising star
Rising star
  • @MSJ1  yes it's workbook with full labs written with implementation step by step and with screenshot and explanation.. You have more than 1000 pages for these labs.
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