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New Threat Awareness Features Make Service Easier To Use For Both You and Your Partners!

Cisco Employee

Back in February, Cisco integrated Threat Awareness Service into its Smart Net Total Care portal. As a result, everyone with an active Smart Net Total Care subscription automatically has access to the Base level of Threat Awareness Service.

Pretty cool, huh?

Well, ever since we launched Cisco Threat Awareness Service, we’ve been working to further expand its functionality and make it easier for everyone to use. After all, in addition to providing information about potential threats that could impact your networks, it’s also important that Threat Awareness Service is functional and straightforward for everyone.

That’s why I’m excited to announce some enhanced features for both you and your Cisco partner!

A few weeks ago, we issued a release that gave partners the ability to manage this service on your behalf. Obviously, you have to first approve their usage. But, once that’s done, they can view the information, enabling them to more quickly take necessary actions to remediate any potential threats. So, if your partners already manage the rest of your network, they can now manage Threat Awareness Service too!

Then, this past weekend, we also added two new features to help you more easily gain access to the service and obtain the information you need, when you want it.

With the new Requesting Access feature, the system will be able to determine if the user is an SNTC Designated Admin (DA). And, it will provide instructions for granting access, or contacting the company’s DA. Over the last few months, we’ve had several customers ask how they get access to the application. This feature should answer that question and help people use the service.

DNS Authorization Verify Now allows folks to proactively trigger the DNS authorization check instead of waiting for the system. Through this new feature, IT and Network Security personnel can get the latest information on their schedule.

As a reminder, Cisco Threat Awareness Service is a portal-based, threat intelligence service that enhances threat visibility by making broad, foundational security information accessible 24-hours-a-day. While the base level is offered to all Smart Net Total Care customers at no additional cost, there is also a Premium Version available for a minimal upgrade. I hope you’re already taking advantage of the free threat intelligence that’s available to your company. And, I hope that these new features make Threat Awareness Service even more useful for you.

If you have any questions about either the Base or Premium versions, please let me know.

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Cisco Employee

Thanks for adding the ability to have a partner manage this service on my behalf - that's a big plus! 

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