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Portal with Authentication only for ISE Guest


Hi All,

Please help me configure this scenario in ISE 2.4 for Wireless network.
Phase 1 (working perfectly):
Intune put a client auth certificate in the machine, the user will use that certificate to connect to wifi to reach ISE
Phase 2 (Works till redirect):
The user connects to WIFI > They get a portal asking username and password > user enters username password> ISE validate with active directory > If passed ISE Permit access.

Please tell me what are the steps to make the above condition to work.

I have configured a self-register guest portal and redirect policy in policy result but right after the user enters his credential Guest portal is downloading NSP supplicant to provision the machine How can I stop this NSP part.
What is the best way to get the above condition to work check the screenshot?

In simple User must get Permit all Right after he enters username password inside the portal

Please help.