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SIO Portal: Tell Us What You Think!

Frequent Contributor
Tim Sammut
Tim Sammut | October 17, 2012 at 8:32 am PST

The Cisco Security Intelligence Operations (SIO) Portal is the primary outlet for Cisco’s security intelligence and the public  home to all of our security-related content. This content ranges from  Event Responses () to IntelliShield Alerts () to Cisco product Security Advisories (). The SIO Portal is intended to be the first place you visit when looking for security information from Cisco.

Customer input is very important to us. With this in mind, we’ve launched two new customer listening tools on the SIO Portal: an enhanced  feedback mechanism and a short six-question survey.

Before I describe the feedback and survey mechanisms, I think two definitions are in order as the realms of “feedback” and “surveys” can overlap.

We use the term “Feedback” to describe comments you may have in  reaction to using the SIO Portal. This feedback might range from “This page is fantastic!” to the more realistic, “This whitepaper should be updated to include Cisco IOS Software feature XYZ.”

Over the weekend we replaced the existing SIO Portal feedback  mechanism with a newer-style floating tab that appears on the right-hand side of your browser. This tab will be present on most pages of the SIO  Portal—we’re working to add it to every SIO Portal page despite the expansive web that is—and is the quickest and easiest way to provide feedback on a page. Perhaps you find a content item useful or difficult to follow; this is something we’d like to hear from you and that can be submitted via the new feedback tab.

Complementing the reactive nature of feedback, we use the term  “Surveying” to refer to proactive questions we ask all of you regarding  the SIO Portal. We promise to evaluate your responses to these questions  as we direct the SIO Portal into the future.

We have launched a Customer Survey specific to the SIO Portal and the information presented there. This survey is listed on the SIO Portal home page and is also available to customers who subscribe to our content via RSS. The survey is presented on the SIO Portal landing page in one of the “featured content” boxes as highlighted in red below. You are also welcome to complete the SIO Portal survey at any time without following the link on the portal landing page.

We’ll update the survey questions periodically to allow us to  more-deeply understand the areas of greatest customer interest, and we’ll announce those updates via the SIO Portal and the @CiscoSecurity Twitter feed.

We are keen to improve the SIO Portal for you. We would appreciate your time in completing the survey and utilizing the feedback mechanism when you have feedback. This will help us make the site better for you going forward. If you have thoughts about these mechanisms or the site in general, you are always welcome to email me directly.

Thank you, and bring on the feedback!

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