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Turkey, family, fun... and malware?

Cisco Employee

Last week, Neil Patel wrote a blog highlighting how vulnerable companies can be during the holiday season. While the holidays signify a time for employees to end the year with family time and rest, the reality is that attackers are ready to pounce. We attempt to feast on turkey, and they try to feast on our data. Neil mentions two primary reasons for this: 

1. Convenience. With employees focused on family time, their defenses are more likely to be down. Attack when they are least ready.

2. Endpoint Activity. During the holidays, shopping increases drastically. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Small Business Saturdays. This does not even include an entire spectrum of religious holidays and traditions. Between November and December, people are purchasing large volumes through their phones, computers, tablets, etc. This increase in endpoint activity can leave your network vulnerable.

As Neil mentions, "Endpoint Security is the key ingredient to keeping the holiday attacks at bay." Endpoint security is crucial, and there are many steps that can be taken. 


In summation, there are three great steps everyone can take to protect their business this holiday season:

1. Read Neil's blog

2. Participate in his Ask The Expert thread. Ask him questions to help you prepare!!!

3. Register for the AMP for Endpoints free trial