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ACS 5.x / ISE : Backup fails with lock file is locked error




The following error is seen when creating a backup from either ACS 5.x or ISE to an external FTP repository

"Error: lock file is locked"



Cisco ACS 5.x and ISE Full and Incremental Backup failed Errors seen during backup are:

1. AlarmOccurred At: Tue Feb 07 11:11:36 UTC 2012 Cause: On-demand Full Backup failed Details: Error: lock file is locked

2. AlarmOccurred At: Wed Feb 08 05:15:34 UTC 2012 Cause: Incremental Backup Failed Details: Error: lock file is locked

Scenario 2:

User want to integrate SMS gateway to Cisco ISE 1.2 and his question is 
SMS notifications are supported for Guest self-registration Services ? or it should be done by Sponsor.


1. Make sure on the FTP server under the user go to shared folders and see if the overwrite permissions is enable or read/write

2. If that doesn’t help , Please log into the server in the repository directory delete the file repolock.cfg locked file

3. Try the full and Incremental Backup again.

Scenario 2

ISE 1.2 does not support sending credentials to Self Service Guests via SMS message.
This feature, sending credentials to Self Service Guests via SMS message and email, will be in version 1.3.


The author of this document is Jacob Ideji.



Seen this issue today on ISE.  It turns out that the FTP server needs to be run in Simple Directory mode, in other words only have a single folder assiged to the virtual FTP folder.  ISE seems to use the STOR command to copy files to the FTP host, this fails unless in Simply Directory mode.  I use FileZilla for updating IOS etc, however in this case you must only configure one shared folder otherwise you will hit this issue. MS FTP server has an option for Simple Directory mode.

The file repolock.cfg is cant be overwritten in the above case.