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AsyncOS 10.1.0-024 Web change of behaviour: FTP Server will be disabled after the upgrade


Please note that after upgrade to our newest Cisco AsyncOS 10.1.0-204 GD version for Web Security Appliances (WSA), due to compliance reasons FTP server on WSA will be disabled.

This is done in order to ensure we don't allow any insecure protocols by default.

This change thought might affect your setup if you are relying on FTP access to WSA's Management interface to pull the relevant logs.

If you want to enable FTP on WSA Management interface after the upgrade is done, please do so via CLI commands / or GUI access as shown in the example below:

  • Run interfaceconfig command

wsa01> interfaceconfig

Currently configured interfaces:
1. Management (x.x.x.x/yy on Management: wsa01.lab)

Choose the operation you want to perform:
- NEW - Create a new interface.
- EDIT - Modify an interface.
- DELETE - Remove an interface.
- DETAILS - Show details of an interface.


Enter the number of the interface you wish to edit.
[]> 1


#Answer Y to the question:

"Do you want to enable FTP on this interface? [N]> Y

  • Please commit the changes by running commit CLI command