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Cannot ping next-hop router from the PIX - partial VPN configuration


What is a VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure connection that allows your computer to access the University computer network when you are not on campus or if you are using wireless connections.

The University VPN service (once the software is installed on your computer) allows you to establish a secure connection so that the data passed between your computer and the University network is protected, as it is strongly encrypted.

You can then be confident that your files, emails and passwords etc. cannot be inspected by anyone.

Core issue

A crypto map is applied to the outside interface of the PIX, but the access list is not applied to the crypto map.


If a crypto map is applied to an interface on the PIX, then verify the following.

  • The crypto map mymap 10 match ip address... command is configured.
  • The access list that this command refers to is configured properly.

If the VPN connection is no longer used, remove the crypto map from the interface.

PIX Software Version

PIX version 5.2

PIX version 5.3

PIX version 6.0

PIX version 6.1

PIX version 6.2

PIX version 5.0

PIX version 6.3

PIX version 5.1

Can You Ping...

Client cannot ping internet host

Client cannot ping outside router