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Cisco Email Security Appliance 10 v1.1 now available in Cisco dCloud!



Cisco Email Security protects against ransomware, business email compromise, spoofing, and phishing. It uses advanced threat intelligence and a multilayered approach to protect inbound messages and sensitive outbound data.

Today’s email-based threats demand a dedicated array of resources, technologies, and expertise to safeguard systems against existing and evolving attacks. Cisco® Email Security Appliance (ESA) answers the call by staying one step ahead of these advanced threats to keep your inbox highly secure.

This all-in-one appliance defends against spam, advanced malware, phishing, and data loss. Our Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) feature, available with a simple add-on license, provides continuous protection before, during, and after an attack – by blocking threats, mitigating the scope of an attack, and remediating it quickly. And the AMP system, along with the Threat Grid appliance, can now be deployed completely on premises with the AMP private cloud license. This is important for customers who have stringent policy requirements that do not allow for use of the AMP public cloud.

Features and benefits:

  • Combat the most advanced malware. Defend your business against ransomware, phishing, and other sophisticated attacks with Advanced Malware Protection.
  • Move to the cloud with confidence. Reduce your onsite data center footprint, maintain advanced threat protection, and protect against rapidly changing email threats.
  • Get unmatched threat intelligence. Cisco’s Talos, the largest threat intelligence team in the world, dynamically updates Cisco Email Security solutions every 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Reduce exposure against the latest threats. Protect your business from inbound threats and control and encrypt sensitive outbound email.
  • Achieve agility and optimize your resources. Reduce investigation and response times with real-time information, and keep consistent policies on premises and in the cloud.

Check it out here: Cisco Email Security Appliance 10 v1.1


  • Scenario 1: Data Loss Prevention Policy
  • Scenario 2: Outbreak Filters
  • Scenario 3: Forged Email Detection
  • Scenario 4: Advanced Malware in Attachments (Macro Detection)
  • Appendix A: User Interface Overview


  • Laptop
  • Cisco AnyConnect®