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Cisco Secure ACS for Microsoft Windows version 4.0 is unable to trigger automatic database replication after changes are made to the configuration components


Core issue

This issue is due to the presence of the Cisco bug ID CSCsd02854.

When the Access Control Server (ACS) master is configured for automatic replication, either every X minutes or at specific times, the master checks to see if there is a change in the configuration components when the time is due in order to determine whether to trigger replication to slave.

Changes in NAS > Admin > NAP > External Databases configuration components do not trigger replication.

Only changes in Users > Groups > SPC triggers automatic replication.

Furthermore, ACS database replication does not replicate correctly, even though the ACS database replication log shows a successful completion.


There are two options for a workaround:

  1. Initiate manual replication after configuration changes are made to the affected components.

  2. Upgrade to ACS software version 4.1(1) or later. In order to get the latest software version, refer to Cisco Downloads.