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Configuration of the event types that can be transmitted by the eStreamer process in 4.10


You can control the types of events that an eStreamer server is able to transmit to a client application. To configure the types of events transmitted by eStreamer follow the steps below:


  1. Navigate to Operations > Configuration > eStreamer.
  2. Under eStreamer Event Configuration, select the check boxes next to the types of events you want eStreamer to send to requesting clients.


You can select any or all of the following on a 3D Sensor or Defense Center:

  • Intrusion Events to transmit intrusion events generated by managed Intrusion Sensors.

  • Intrusion Event Packet Data to transmit packets associated with intrusion events.

  • Intrusion Event Extra Data to transmit additional data associated with an intrusion event, such as the originating IP addresses of a client connecting to a web server through an HTTP proxy or load-balancer.


You can also select any or all of the following on a Defense Center:

  • RNA Events to transmit RNA events.

  • Compliance Events to transmit compliance events.

  • Impact Flag Alerts to transmit impact alerts generated by the Defense Center.

  • RUA Events to transmit RUA events.


IMPORTANT: Note that this controls which events the eStreamer server can send. Your client application must still specifically request the types of events you want it to receive in the request message it sends to the eStreamer server. For more information, see the Sourcefire 3D System eStreamer Integration Guide.


3. Click Save.

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