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Custom ISE Profiles


As part of my job, I often find myself configuring custom profiles for customers based on the attributes they have collected from their live deployments and what probes they have turned on.  I've also worked on optimizing existing profiles that are Cisco-provided such as the Apple profiles or Samsung phones. To make life easier for others, I decided to create a GitHub where I'll upload profiles as I create them and hopefully update/optimize them as things change.


Feel free to browse or bookmark it here:


Note: This GitHub and all these profiles are NOT Cisco official or supported by Cisco. I'm working on these mostly on my free time so please be sure to test the profiles in a lab before pushing them in production.


At the time of this post, I have uploaded over 1000 profiles. There will be much more in the future.  I've probably gone through about 500,000+ endpoints from various deployments and I created profiles based on the attributes I was able to see. Some of these deployments may not have had all the probes turned on so I might end up updating some of these profiles again in the future if I discover more attributes that need to be added to the profiles. I hope this helps you all out. If you find a profile or set of profiles you would like to use, download the .xml file from GitHub and import it into ISE by navigating to Policy>Profiling>Profiling Policies


Hi K


This is masterpiece l have being trying a few profiling for my customers and you have made my life very easy.


Thanks you!!!!!!