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Dear Cisco IronPort  Customer,

Effective  immediately, the Cisco IronPort Support Portal has moved to  Cisco IronPort Customer Support will continue to provide you (our valued  customers and partners) with the same world-class service, a  highly-skilled support team, and the valuable self-service offerings you  have come to expect from Cisco IronPort Customer Support.
What is  changing?

The knowledge base, software tools, downloads, and  documentation that you have previously accessed from the Cisco IronPort  Support Portal has moved to and you will need your  User ID and your new Cisco IronPort Service Contract Number to utilize  these self-service offerings. See below for further instructions on how  to get your User ID. Click here to access the Cisco IronPort  Customer Support Site Map and see the new locations of the self-service  offerings.
Information about Support Contracts and Accessing the New  Support Site
To access the new Cisco IronPort Customer Support area,  you will need a User ID —which you will link to your new Cisco  Service Contract Number. Your new Cisco Service Contract Number is:  123456789. Please note that your support contract has not changed, only  the number you reference.

Registration will enable you to open  a service request and access the support content on The new  Cisco IronPort Customer Support landing page is located at: User IDs that have  corresponding Cisco IronPort support portal logins were linked to your  new Cisco Service Contract Number. There is no additional action  required. If you are not able to access the self-service offerings,  please see the following paragraph.
Register for a User ID  and Link Your Cisco Service Contract Number

If you do  not have a User ID, please register to obtain one at Please use this link to register  Your Cisco IronPort Customer Support portal login cannot be used to log  in to You will need to use your new or existing  User ID. Once you have received your Cisco User ID, please link it to  your Cisco Service Contract Number. Instructions for doing this are  located at: www.ironport/support/vod2.html.
Final_welcome_email_July062010_v.1.1  1 Rev. 7/6/2010

Finally, if you call Cisco IronPort Customer  Support to open a service request, you will need to enter your new Cisco  Service Contract Number to be routed for support. Please note that your  Cisco IronPort company ID is no longer recognized in the system. For  assistance, you may press “0” at any time and a Customer Support  Representative will assist you.

If you would like  to see the Cisco IronPort Support Contacts information, click here.
Thank  you, Cisco IronPort Customer Support


Please find the  quick links to the Entitlement Process instructions and forms below.

Entitlement Process

  1. Register   
    1. VOD:
    3. Web Form:
    5. Auto email verification
  2. Associate contract  
    1. VOD:
    3. Web Form:
    5. 6 hour SLA to email confirmation
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