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Hostscan Signature Verification Errors on Linux



The following behavior has been noticed only by linux users who are also running CSD HostScan:


Cause / Problem Description

In the libcsd.log file you'll see:


[Thu Feb 07 18:52:15.774 2013][libcsd][all][csd_init] hello
[Thu Feb 07 18:52:15.774 2013][libcsd][all][csd_init] version 3.1.02040
[Thu Feb 07 18:52:15.774 2013][libcsd][debug][hs_transport_init] initialization
[Thu Feb 07 18:52:15.774 2013][libcsd][debug][hs_file_verify_with_killdate] verifying file signature: file = [/opt/cisco/anyconnect/lib/], signer = [Cisco Systems, Inc.], type = [2]
[Thu Feb 07 18:52:15.963 2013][libcsd][error][verify_cb] Error 10, certificate has expired
[Thu Feb 07 18:52:15.963 2013][libcsd][error][verify_cert] Certificate is not trusted
[Thu Feb 07 18:52:15.964 2013][libcsd][error][hs_file_verify_with_killdate] unable to verify the certificate trust.
[Thu Feb 07 18:52:15.964 2013][libcsd][error][hs_dl_load_global] file signature invalid, not loading library (/opt/cisco/anyconnect/lib/

This is because the CSD HostScan code signing certificate expired yesterday. Mac and Windows users are not affected as the client code only checks if the certificate was valid when the code was signed. However, the Linux code checks on the current validity of the certificate.


The behavior on Linux will be changed as soon as posisble to mirror the treatment on MAC and Windows. While we don't recommend changing the system clock as a matter of course, for the time being the only way around it is to reset the linux system clock to something before Feb 7th, 2013. Please see bug CSCue49663 for addition details.

Important UPDATE: This bug is now fixed in AC 3.1.2043.

Your ASA should be configured as follows:
enable outside
csd hostscan image disk0:/hostscan_3.1.02043-k9.pkg
csd enable
anyconnect image disk0:/anyconnect-win-3.1.02040-k9.pkg 1 regex "Windows NT"
anyconnect image disk0:/anyconnect-macosx-i386-3.1.02040-k9.pkg 2 regex "Mac OS"
anyconnect image disk0:/anyconnect-linux-3.1.02043-k9.pkg* 3 regex "Linux"

Cisco Employee

Weslan, There already is one, but you will still need the 2043 hostscan image loaded on the ASA to make this work.


As per Randy's comments (he our sites' system admin), my issue has been solved by the configuration he has outlined.