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How Do I Rehost My Existing ISE License(s) onto a New or Different Appliance or VM?



What is Re-Hosting?

Re-hosting means moving a license from one Cisco ISE node to another.


You may rehost any valid licenses to the Unique Device Identifiers (UDIs) of a new ISE Administration appliance or virtual machine (VM). You may obtain the UDI from your ISE Administration nodes using the show udi CLI command or the Help > About menu.


Submit the new UDIs and existing licensing information to Cisco’s Global Licensing Operations (GLO) team or

From the Licensing portal, you select the PAK of the license you want to move and follow the instructions for re-hosting. After one day, you are sent an email with a new PAK. You then register this new PAK for the new node, and remove the old license from the original Cisco ISE node.


Migration and Upgrade Licenses

Cisco licensing policy supports migration from previous Cisco ISE versions, upgrading from wireless and VPN only to include wired deployments, and adding concurrent users and functionality. You can also purchase bundles of licenses to minimize your ongoing expenses. These scenarios are all covered in the licensing site, or for more information contact your Cisco partner/account team.

If your Cisco ISE node needs to support:

  • A larger number of concurrent users than the number for which you have licenses
  • Wired (LAN) access, and your system has only the Mobility license

You will need to upgrade your license(s) for that node. This process is carried out by your Cisco partner or account team only.