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How to download and install FWSM software


What is FWSM?

The Firewall Services Module (FWSM) is a high-performance stateful-inspection firewall that integrates into the Cisco 6500 switch and 7600 router chassis. The FWSM monitors traffic flows using application inspection engines to provide a strong level of network security. The FWSM defines the security parameter and enables the enforcement of security policies through authentication, access control lists, and protocol inspection. The FWSM is a key component to anyone deploying network security.


Refer to Cisco Downloads in order to download the latest FWSM software.

Complete these steps in order to upgrade the FWSM software image:

  1. Make the new software image available on a TFTP server, or make the MSFC a TFTP server with this command:

    tftp-server bootflash:image name

  2. If the MSFC is the TFTP server, make sure you have a VLAN interface on the MSFC reachable from the module. For example:

    1. On the MSFC, enter these commands:

      router(config)#interface Vlan30
      router(config)#description to_fwsm_vlan_30
      router(config)#ip address
      router(config)#no ip redirects

    2. On the module, enter these command:

      nameif vlan30 inside security100
      ip address inside

    3. Enter this command rom the module in order to make sure that you can ping the MSFC:

      FWSM# ping

  3. From the module enter the copy tftp flash command:

    FWSM#copy tftp flash
    Address or name of remote host []?
    Source file name [cdisk]? c6svc-fwm-k9.1-1-0-207.bin

  4. Issue this command in order to reload the module:


Refer to the Quick Software Upgrade section of Administering the Firewall Module for more information on how to upgrade the FWSM software image. Refer to Catalyst 6500 Series Firewall Services Module for more information on FWSM.

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Firewall - modules (FWSM)

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