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How to migrate the CiscoWorks Management Center for Cisco Security Agents to a new server



In order to migrate your CiscoWorks Management Center for Cisco Security Agents (CSA MC) to a new server, complete these steps:

Note: These steps also serve as a disaster recovery plan.

  1. Setup the new machine. Install the operating system and SQL with the service packs.

  2. Assign the same IP address and machine name as the old server.

  3. If you used Full SQL, or Microsoft SQL Desktop Edition (MSDE), use the same exact version on the new machine.

  4. Install the same exact version of CiscoWorks VPN/Security Management Solution (VMS).

  5. Install the same exact version of CSA MC, for example, if it was version 4.5.1(615), make sure it is the same exact version.

  6. When it is done, it reboots the server, so wait until it reboots.

  7. Immediately stop the CSA agent, and stop CiscoWorks. CSA MC stops.  This occurs only if CSA Agent is installed on the server already.

  8. Stop MSQL server, which is the database.

  9. In the new machine, choose the CSA45/db folder and rename this folder.

  10. From the old machine, choose the CSA45/db folder and copy the entire folder to a CD or network drive.

  11. In the new machine, copy this entire folder to the CSA45/db folder that you saved from the old machine.

  12. Reboot the server. This ensures that the licenses are activated.

  13. Do a full backup of the server. This ensures that a backup is in place in case something goes wrong during this turnover stage.

The server is ready to use now.

This procedure also carries over the licenses, which is why the last reboot is necessary. The restart of the CSA MC service does this as well. After the server is successfully migrated, add additional VMS modules as needed.

Note: If the IP address of CSA MC server is to be changed, then no changes are required, but if the name of the CSA MC is changed, it is necessary to regenerate the certificates, because CSA agents communicate through the name.

Refer to Backing Up Configurations in order to back up the system configuration file and database on CSA MC.

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