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How to Stop Malware in its Tracks

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With your AMP for Endpoints, you can quickly detect, contain, and remediate malware before damage is done. Here are three ways you can stop the spread of malware in your environment:


  • Malware Detection and Blocking: AMP analyzes files at point of entry and can automatically catch and block known and unknown malware in real time using one-to-one signature matching, machine learning, and fuzzy fingerprinting.


  • Outbreak Control: Manage malicious file outbreaks with customizable lists, such as application blocking, custom detections, and IP blacklists and whitelists.


  • Detections and Quarantines: With a few clicks in the AMP for Endpoints console, you can stop the execution of malicious files on all endpoints and place them into quarantine under lock and key.


To learn more, and access additional resources on how your AMP for Endpoints can stop malware in its tracks, check out the overview here.