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How to uninstall the Remote Agent for the CiscoSecure ACS Solution Engine 3.3


Core issue

Go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > CiscoSecure ACS Agent in order to uninstall the Remote Agent for the CiscoSecure ACS Solution Engine automatically.

If it does not uninstall through the Control Panel, it must be manually uninstalled.


In order to manually uninstall the Remote Agent, complete these steps:

  1. Open a command prompt and type net stop csagent in order to stop the Cisco Security Agent (CSA).

  2. Delete the Program Files\Cisco\CSAgent directory.

  3. Delete the ProgramFiles\InstallShield Installation Information\{DE49974667B9-11D4-97CE-0050DA10E5AE} directory.

  4. Delete these WINNT\system32\drivers files:

    • csacenter*.sys
    • csafile*.sys
    • csanet*.sys
    • csareg*.sys
    • csatdi*.sys

  5. Delete all references to csagent in the Start > Programs directory.

  6. Delete either WINNT or WINDOWS\system32\csauser.dll.

  7. Modify the registry key that loads this registry value:

    HKLM > Software > Microsoft > Windows NT > currentversion > windows -appInit_dlls

    Note: This must not reference to csauser.dll. Edit this value to xyz in order to change the reference to csauser.dll. A reboot could be necessary after this registry value is changed before Windows will allow the deletion of this csauser.dll file.

  8. Delete these registry keys:

    • HKLM > system > controlset001 > control > session manager > knowndlls > csauser.dll

    • HKLM > System > controlset002 > Control > Session Manager > knowndlls > csauser.dll

    • HKLM > System > currentcontrolset > Services > csacenter, csafile, csanet, csareg, csaTDI, csagent

    • HKEY_Local_Machine > Software > Cisco > CSAgent

    • HKEY_Local_Machine > Software > Microsoft > Windows > currentversion > uninstall > {DE499746-67B9-11D4-97CE-0050DA10E5AE}

  9. If  Windows 2000 is used, select Computer Management > Device Manager and make sure to choose show all hidden devices. Then, highlight the network entry that references Cisco CSA and delete it.

  10. Reboot the server.

Refer to Configuring and Maintaining a Remote Agent for more information.

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