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How to upgrade ASDM to version 5.1.2 to configure ASA 5510



To upgrade/install the ASDM follow the example procedure,

LAB-PIX-7(config)# copy tftp flash

Address or name of remote host [x.x.x.x]?

Source filename [pix704.bin]? asdm-504.bin

Destination filename [asdm-504.bin]?

Accessing tftp://x.x.x.x/asdm-504.bin...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Writing file flash:/asdm-504.bin...
5958324 bytes copied in 165.460 secs (36111 bytes/sec)
LAB-PIX-7(config)# sh flash

Directory of flash:/

7  -rw-  5437440  21:12:42 Nov 24 2005  pix704.bin
11  -rw-  5919340  20:59:06 Nov 24 2005  asdm-504.bin
13  -rw-  7017  14:00:58 Jul 22 2005  admin.cfg

// asdm-504.bin is now copied in the flash. Now we need to set PIX to use
// this image for loading ASDM.

LAB-PIX-7(config)# asdm image flash:/asdm-504.bin

// Last steps involve saving the running configuration to memory as we have
// made changes to boot files and reloading the PIX.

LAB-PIX-7(config)# write memory
Building configuration...
Cryptochecksum: d4f498de e877e418 2f9effa7 62ca0d6b

4807 bytes copied in 3.20 secs (1602 bytes/sec)
LAB-PIX-7(config)# reload

// Once PIX comes back up, we can verify that upgradation has been successfull
// by using "show version" command.

Refer to the link ASDM Upgrade Procedure

To download the latest version of ASDM, refer to the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Downloads page.

Note: Only registered customers can download software images from this page.

Perform these steps to configure Telnet access:.

  1. Issue the telnet source_IP_address mask source_interface command for each address or subnet to identify the IP addresses from which the ASA accepts connections.

    If there is only one interface, configure Telnet to access that interface. Ensure that the interface has a security level of 100.
  2. Issue the telnet timeout minutes command to set the duration for which a Telnet session can be idle before the ASA disconnects the session. This step is optional.

For information on how to configure Telnet and Secure Shell (SSH) access, and how to configure the ASA from the Web interface, refer to Managing System Access.

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