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In the command help of the PIX Firewall 500 Series with software version 7.x, the pcap option in the PIX capture command is documented incorrectly


Core issue

This issue is due to the presence of Cisco bug ID CSCeh89701.

Note: The syntax noted in this documentation is for 6.x and earlier codes. The syntax for this option has been changed in 7.x code to copy [/pcap] capture: capture_name tftp://server/path.

Issue the copy capture: capture_name tftp://server/path [pcap] command in order to copy capture information to a remote TFTP server.

Issue the https://securityappliance-ip-address/capture/capture_name[/pcap]
command in order to see the packet capture information with a web browser.

If the pcap optional keyword is specified, a libpcap-format file is
downloaded to the web browser and can be saved with the web browser.

Note: A libcap file can be viewed with TCPDUMP or Ethereal.


As a workaround, use the ? option after copy is entered in order to determine the options and syntax. This is an example:

copy ?

  /noconfirm  Do not prompt for confirmation
  /pcap  Raw packet capture dump
  capture:  Copyout capture buffer
  flash:  Copy from flash: file system
  ftp:  Copy from ftp: file system
  http:  Copy from http: file system
  https:  Copy from https: file system
  running-config  Copy from current system configuration
  startup-config  Copy from startup configuration
  system:  Copy from system: file system
  tftp:  Copy from tftp: file system
pixfirewall# copy /pcap capture:?

pixfirewall# copy /pcap capture: ?

  WORD  Capture buffer name prepended by optional context-name and '/'

This is the correct syntax of the command:

copy [/pcap] capture: capture_name tftp://server/path

Problem Type

Troubleshoot software feature

Product Family

Firewall - PIX 500 series

PIX Software Version

PIX version 7.x

PIX Model

PIX 500 Series Firewall

VPN Tunnel End Points

Any end point

Selected PIX or Router Commands

capture command

Bug ID

Bug ID not listed