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IPS - Creating a Service Account


Caution Do  not make modifications to the sensor through the service account except  under the direction of TAC. If you use the service account to configure  the sensor, your configuration is not supported by TAC. Adding services  to the operating system through the service account affects proper  performance and functioning of the other IPS services. TAC does not  support a sensor on which additional services have been added.

Note The  root user password is synchronized to the service account password when  the service account is created. To gain root access you must log in  with the service account and switch to user root with the su - root command.

Caution You  should carefully consider whether you want to create a service account.  The service account provides shell access to the system, which makes  the system vulnerable. However, you can use the service account to  create a password if the administrator password is lost. Analyze your  situation to decide if you want a service account existing on the  system.

A service account provides access to the underlying unix shell of the IPS.  Creating one is as simple as connecting to the IPS CLI and entering the following command:

username <usernmae> privilege service password <password>

You can also create the service account via the IDM/IME GUI by going to

Configuration => System Setup => Users

and adding a new user with the Service privelege level.