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Is there any plan to launch new image of ASDM for FWSM which would be compatible with Java ver 7 ?


ASDM itself should be working with Java 7, though we don’t officially  support it and no formal testing has been done to verify that it works  properly. The issue that customers are running into is with ASDM  Launcher, which was recently updated to work with Java 7.  Development  team is considering in posting a new maintenance release for 6.2F that  would have the new launcher bundled into it.

In the mean time, as a workaround, users can get the latest  version of the launcher by installing ASDM demo for the latest ASDM  version:   The install will update the launcher files.  It will not change the  ASDM image the customer is using, because the image itself is located on  the FWSM, while the demo files are installed locally on the user’s  computer.

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