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ise 2.6 redirect URL isssue



hello all , i have a issue about the ise 2.6 redirect url, when i finish ise configuration and try to web auth, what i got  shown as below:

Redirect URL : https://ip:port/portal/gateway?mac=ClientMacValue&portal=27041710-2e58-11e9-98fb 0050568775a3&daysToExpiry=value&action=cwa

the ip:port is not avaliable for me, i require the domain and port 8443, like :, is there any configuration missing on ise or what? thanks!



Check if you have defined static IP in your authorization profile Policy > Policy Elements > Results > Authorization > Authorization Profiles. Under authorization policy Look for the attribute Static IP/Hostname
hello nishad

thanks for you reply. follow your guide, i got the domain in url. but how to made port is 8443 ?? thanks

Redirect URL :


It seems you are doing it wrong, it should come automatically there once you select portal in your authorization Policy , In your authorization Policy you have to select web redirection and then select appropriate portal. Read this and you might get the logic


Go to respective portal and click on test URL you will get complete URL.

hi Nishad

Thanks for you reply.

i do select the web redirection and prototal in my authorization policy. and i choose static ip/host name/FQDN attribute, i think the url in this profile is fine. i check the link you provided, the url has the same pattern, the port still is port and not be replaced by 8443.

rediect url=

so i guess the issue is when ise send this message to switch, it seems that the value of port and client mac are not replaced. the ise version what i using is 2.6. when i used ise version 2.4, i url result was fine. so i'm not sure what difference between these two version, maybe i need to configure something else on ise 2.6 somewhere?? or maybe i need to install any extra license?? do you have any idea. thanks !!




I do have the same issue, ISE 2.6 patch 3, url redirect port missing for client provisioning portal.


cisco-av-pair = url-redirect-acl=WEB_REDIRECT_ACL
cisco-av-pair = url-redirect=