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ISE Features by Release




ISE 1.0.4 Release


Cisco ISE Installation and Upgrade Process Updates
Wireless License Options
Cisco ISE Upgrade and Backup and Restore Enhancements
Administrator Lockout and Administrator Password Reset
Windows IE 9 and Firefox 4.x Browsers Support
Statically Assigned Endpoint Behavior Enhancement
Correlating Endpoint IP and MAC Addresses with DHCP and RADIUS Probes
Integrating with Cisco NAC Appliance, Release 4.9
Cisco Secure ACS to Cisco ISE Migration Updates



ISE 1.1.0 Release

Endpoint Protection Services
FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Compliance
Common Access Card (CAC) Support
Internationalization and Localization
IOS Sensor for Profiling
NMAP Probe
Profiling Network Scan Actions
OCSP Support
SGA Support
New Look for the User Interface
Device Registration WebAuth
Simple URL for Sponsor Portal Access
Creating a Custom Portal Theme
Network Time Protocol (NTP) Server Authentication
External Authentication for Administrator Users
Simplified Posture Policy Configuration
Support Bundle Password Protection
Updated VMware Machine Capabilities
Enhanced Security for Sponsor and Guest Portals


ISE 1.1.1 Release

New Default Authorization Profile (“Blacklist”)
Dictionary Attribute-to-Attribute Authorization Policy Configuration
New Device Registration Task Navigator
Native Supplicant Provisioning Profile Configuration Page
Enhanced Client Provisioning Policy Configuration
SCEP Authority Profile Configuration Page
RADIUS Proxy Attribute
EAP Chaining
EAP-TLS as an Inner Method for EAP-FAST
Device Registration Portal
New Reports in Cisco ISE, Release 1.1.1
Change of Authorization
Creating Activated Guests

ISE 1.1.2 Release

Global Setting for Endpoint Attribute Filter

ISE 1.1.3 Release

Bugfixes only

ISE 1.1.4 Release

Bugfixes only



ISE 1.2.0 Release

Support for UCS Hardware
Improved Performance and Scalability
Mobile Device Management Interoperability with Cisco ISE
MAB from Non-Cisco Switches
Support for Universal Certificates
Policy Sets
Profiler Feed Service
Logical Profiles
Enhanced Guest and Sponsor Pages
RADIUS Authentication Suppression
Collection Filters
Support for Secure Syslogs
Support for Windows 2012 Active Directory
Global Search
Session Trace
Enhancement to Client Provisioning
Enhanced Reports and Alarms
Enhancements to Live Authentications Page
Enhancements to Cisco NAC Agent
Cisco NAC Agent for Windows
Cisco NAC Agent for Mac OS X
External RESTful Services
Supplicant Provisioning Wizard
Cisco NAC Agent



ISE 1.2.1 Release

New Plus License
Certificate Renewal
Newly Added Dictionary Attributes
Newly Added Authorization Policy Simple Condition
CWA Redirect To Renew Certificates
Upgrade Enhancements
Virtual Machine Resource Checks
Upgrade Bundle SHA-256 Checksum Verification
Monitoring Database Object Checks
Enhanced Show Tech Support Command Output
Database Enhancements




ISE 1.3.0 Release

Guest Enhancements
Internal Certificate Authority
Support for OVA Installation on Virtual Machines
Cisco pxGrid Services
Cisco pxGrid Identity Mapping
AnyConnect Unified Agent
Multi-Forest Active Directory
Authorization Enhancements
Serviceability Enhancements
Licensing Enhancements
Log File Enhancements
Right Click Options in Live Authentications and Live Sessions
Enhanced Reports and Alarms
VLAN Change Support Dropped
Upgrade Enhancements
Other Enhancements
Support for Mac OS X 10.10
FIPS Support




ISE 1.4.0 Release


  • Periodic AUP acceptance
  • Guest max sessions enhancement

Certificate Management:

  • Multi-Use Certificates
  • Replication of Wildcard certificate changes
  • Cert deletion from Admin UI
  • Certificate API
Profiler: Profiler Feed Test button
Portals: Oracle SAML Single Sign On (SSO) support for Web Portals

Administration: Automated Primary PAN Monitoring and Switchover


  • Meraki support; Multi-MDM support
  • Off-Prem MDM Onboarding

FIPS Mode:

  • Use of embedded FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic modules
  • Cisco Common FIPS Mode (Certificate #1643 and #2100)
Patches: Posture Support for Patch Management vendor integration for Windows and Mac OS
Endpoints and AnyConnect: AnyConnect Provisioning of SOURCEfire's Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) module




ISE 2.0 Release



ISE 2.0.1 Release




ISE 2.1 Release


From the ISE 2.1 Release Notes:




ISE 2.2 Release


From the ISE 2.2 Release Notes:




ISE 2.3 Release



ISE 2.4 Release

See the New Features section of the ISE 2.4 Release Notes


ISE 2.6 Release

See the New Features section of the ISE 2.6 Release Notes


ISE 2.7 Release

See the What's New section of the ISE 2.7 Release Notes


ISE 3.0 Release

See the What's New section of the ISE 2.7 Release Notes


ISE 3.1 Release

See the What's New section of the ISE 2.7 Release Notes







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