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Julio Carvajal, Star of Cisco Support Community’s Most Popular Spanish-Language Webcast


Meet Julio Carvajal


Q: What do you do for Cisco?

I’ve worked for the Technical Assistance Center in Costa Rica since 2011, specializing in security devices—Cisco ASA Adaptive Security Appliances, Integrated Services Routers, and Intrusion Prevention System. I’m a CCSP and studying to become a CCNP. I’m also planning to take the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) exam.


Q: How did you come to join Cisco Support Community?

I began preparing before my first day of work by researching ASA configurations. I found a document on Cisco Support Community that was very helpful, so I started to visit the Security forums every day.


I responded to my first post the same day I got my login. When the person rated my answer, I loved it. I still remember that the question had to do with failover, and whether to connect two ASAs directly or through a switch.


Q: When do you have time to participate?

When I’m at home, I check the forums when I’m studying for the CCNP and need a break. At work, I’ve signed up to receive alerts when people post to the Firewall and VPN forums. I respond to any questions I can and look at updates. I also subscribe to questions that I answer and to questions that I can’t answer and want to learn about.


Outside of the forums, I published a Spanish-language video about LAN-to-LAN VPNs. When I have more time, I plan to blog. My first entry might be tips about studying for the CCNP and CEH exams.


Q: Are your managers supportive of the work you do for the community?

My managers appreciate my help in the forum and have sent emails thanking me. I recently received recognition for my Spanish-language webcast on Cisco Support Community. The topic was changes in NAT [network address translation] and ACLs [access control lists] in the ASA 8.3 upgrade. The webcast beat live audience records, for all Spanish webcasts, with almost 200 viewers, and even more people have watched it on-demand.


Q: Any words of encouragement for other Cisco employees thinking about becoming more active in the community?

Helping customers on Cisco Support Community helps you constantly keep learning and improving your skills. I think participating is good for my career, too, because people all around the world are learning my name and seeing that I’m knowledgeable. And it feels really good to know that you’re helping someone.


Q: Any suggestions for continuing to improve the Cisco Support Community?

One idea is to advertise more heavily on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  We could also help new members get the most out of the community by adding a Quick Tour button and publishing short training videos on using the search feature, rating answers, and other activities.



Julio Carvajal,

Great and keep it up.





Hello Muhammad,

Thank you very much,

Julio Carvajal


Great Job Julio!

Hello Miguel,

Thank u for the comment,

Community Member

thank you julio you inspire me to keep study hard i believe in my self.....and keep my dream,hope...

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