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Cisco Community November 2020 Spotlight Award Winners

Multiple instances of the same username are observed in the Cisco Secure ACS Solution Engine user database



Issue the the dbcompact command to correct the Cisco Secure ACS Solution Engine user database. As is the case with many relational databases, the Cisco Secure ACS  Solution Engine user database handles the deletion of records by marking deleted  records as deleted. However, it does not remove the record from the database. Over time,  the Cisco Secure ACS Solution Engine user database can become substantially larger  than is required by the number of users it contains.

To reduce the Cisco Secure user database size, compact it periodically. Database compaction includes three basic operations that take place automatically when the dbcompact command is issued:

  1. A database dump occurs.
  2. The database is initialized and removes deleted records.
  3. The dumped data is loaded back to the database.

This procedure can reduce the amount of space  taken up by the database and improve the database response time.

For more details, refer the Compacting the ACS Solution Engine Database section of the Administering Cisco Secure ACS Solution Engine Guide.

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