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NAC: CAM Offline Update Procedure




This document focuses on updating the Clean Access Manager (CAM) when it does not have connectivity to Internet.



The following steps can be used when the CAM cannot have connectivity to the Internet in ANY fashion whatsoever. This type of requirement is common in defense and federal organizations.


Step 1: Setup a local web server (Apache/IIS) on the network that is accessible from the CAM. In our example, the CAM's IP Address is x.x.x.x and the Web server's IP Address is y.y.y.y.


Step 2: From a PC that can access the internet, open the following URLs and download the "tar.gz" and the corresponding ".txt" files.


Step 3: Copy the files that you downloaded to a folder under the root of the web server. In our example, I am copying the files to a folder called "nacupdates" under the root directory of my web server (c:\inetpub\wwwroot). Hence the absolute location of the downloaded files will be c:\inetpub\wwwroot\nacupdates. The URL to access these files will be "http://y.y.y.y/nacupdates".


Step 4: Login to the CAM database : SSH into the CAM and run


psql -h controlsmartdb -U postgres


Step 5: Run the following query:


UPDATE smartmanager_conf set prop_value='http://y.y.y.y/nacupdates' where prop_name='SEBaseURL';


Step 6: Exit the database:




Step 7: Reboot the CAM (mandatory)


Step 8: Once the CAM is rebooted, go to Device Management >> Clean Access >> Updates, choose the "Updates" tab and click Update. All the Rulesets will be updated.


Note 1:

Once the procedure mentioned above is complete, please follow the steps 2 & 3 on regular basis to ensure the CAM is updated. So, from the maintenace perspective, you have to download the tar.gz and .txt files regularly and put it on the local web server under "nacupdates".

Note 2:

By default the CAM database is configured to check for the updates under "". Hence if you do not want to make changes to the database as described in steps 4 & 5, then an alternative is to modify the local etc/hosts file on the CAM such that the DNS resolves to the local web server for Then, create a folder called "clean_machine_1" under the root directory of the local web server and copy the downloaded files there (instead of in the nacupdates folder).

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