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Release Notes: FireAMP Mac Connector


FireAMP Mac Connector v1.0.5.279

Release Date: March 04, 2015



  • FireAMP Mac Connector officially certified on OS X 10.10.


Bugfixes / Enhancements

  • Addressed compatibility issue with OS X where malicious emails are continually downloaded and quarantined by the FireAMP Mac Connector. The Connector now detects and notifies that malicious emails are present but does not quarantine malicious .emlx files created by It is left to the administrator to remove the malicious email from the server manually. If is configured to automatically download attachments and those are determined to be malicious, the Connector will continue to quarantine those attachments.

    Important: This fix only affects OS X Other email applications may behave differently.


  • Resolved a rare issue where the Connector is unable to sync policies for some period of time.
  • Addressed a performance issue where users experienced high CPU usage after waking the computer from sleep or performing a reboot.
  • Fixed high CPU usage issues on OS X 10.10 due to changes in Spotlight.
  • Eliminated a race condition where kernel extensions were unable to successfully unload on shutdown or reboot.
  • Improved Connector validation of user-created exclusions.