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Secure Endpoint/Amp for Endpoints-Decommissioning Legacy Cloud Servers


Problem Description 

Cisco Secure Endpoint (formerly AMP for Endpoints) will decommission legacy cloud servers, which results in Legacy Windows Connector Versions 3.x/4.x and Mac Connector Version 1.0.x ceasing to operate on 17th December 2021. 

On Apr. 7 2020, Cisco announced end-of-support for several versions of AMP for Endpoints Connectors where Windows Connector Versions 3.x/4.x and Mac Connector Version 1.0.x reached end-of-support by Jul 7 2020. 

The decommissioning of legacy Cloud servers scheduled for 17th December 2021 will impact the continued use of Legacy Windows Connector 3.x/4.x and Mac Connector 1.0.x. Please make immediate plans to upgrade affected Connectors to currently supported versions.  


Key Details 

  • Legacy Windows Connector 3.x/4.x and macOS Connector 1.0.x will cease to register to the Cisco cloud and operate unless they are updated before the deadline 
  • This is the 3rd and Final Notice since Nov 19 2020
  • Deadline: 17th December 2021 



In order to help ensure performance and security compliance, modern cloud servers were introduced in 2016 along with modern connector versions to communicate with enhanced protocols. Legacy cloud servers were sustained to allow customers time to migrate to modern connector versions that are fully supported and leverage the new cloud server infrastructureConsole announcements were made on Nov 19 2020 and Feb 01 2021 respectively, alerting customers of the pending infrastructure change and cloud server decommission. 


Nov 19th 2020 / Feb 01st 2021 Console Announcements


The time has come to decommission the legacy cloud servers as a majority of customers have since migrated to the modern connector and cloud server infrastructure. 


The following Secure Endpoint services will be specifically impacted by this scheduled decommissioning of legacy cloud servers: 


Impacted Legacy Connector Versions: 

  • Cisco Secure Endpoint/AMP for Endpoint Windows Connector 3.x/4.x 
  • Cisco Secure Endpoint/AMP for Endpoint macOS Connector 1.0.x 


Problem Symptom 

Legacy connector versions identified above will fail to register to the cloud servers and cease to provide any related functionality including core endpoint security functions. Legacy connectors will also show “Disconnected” status on the endpoint and will no longer be able to upgrade via the automatic policy-based product update functionality. Customers will need to manually deploy a supported connector on the respective endpoints after the deadline. We anticipate that error logs will increase on the impacted endpoints as they log failed attempts to communicate with the legacy cloud servers. 



There is no workaround for this problem. The recommended solution for impacted customers is to migrate to modern supported Secure Endpoint connector versions.  Refer to currently supported Windows versions and macOS versions. Customers are recommended to install the latest version (a reboot will be required).


For More Information 

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods: 



Q: Why do customers need to upgrade? 

A: Legacy Windows Connector 3.x/4.x and macOS Connector 1.0.x will cease to operate on 17th December 2021 


Q: What's working now? 

A: Connectors continue to register to the cloud to allow in-product connector version updates. Core security functions like Tetra will have stopped updating or failed. 


Q: What stops working for customers when the deadline is reached? 

A: TheEndpoint will fail to register to the Cisco cloud and will no longer be able to leverage in-product updates. After the deadline, any product version upgrades require the out of band deployment of a supported connector installer file on the endpoint directly. 


Q: What are the upgrade paths? 

A: Refer to the OS Compatibility page for supported Connector versions for your OS platform. 

Please reach out to Cisco TAC for technical support if you require further assistance. 


Q: What if I am unable to update by the deadline?

A: Notifications started about 12 months ago. The shutdown should have already occurred in Mar 2021. This is the final notice.  Please reach out to Cisco TAC if you require further assistance. 


Q: What date will the service terminate on?

A: 17th December 2021 

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